4 types of flats that you need in your shoe wardrobe

We believe everything from a weekend grocery store trip, to a corporate power meeting to a Friday evening dinner data can be accomplished in flats. With unbound creativity from its designers, flats as we know it have come a long way! Take a look the following four type of flats that you should have in your wardrobe.

Ballet flats

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This is the staple shoe of every women’s wardrobe. This is light shoes, without any heels, and has a round-toe resembling those worn by ballet dancers. Hence the name. They are the most versatile pair of shoes you will own and you can dress up or dress down with them as needed. There are three different types of ballet flats that you can select from:

  • The foldable ballet flats provide comfort and convenience and fold up to fit in a small pouch.
  • The two-piece ballet flat has a cut-away vamp and adds a little but of sophistication with a pointy toe and a covered heel.
  • The pointed toe ballet flat, as the name says, has a pointed toe, and could be covered from all sides, or come in a two-piece.



Espadrille flats
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This is a lighter summer shoe, usually made form canvas or cotton fabrics and has jute-rope sole. While the upper material and heel high might vary considerably, the jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille. These flats are chic and fashionable, and most of them come as an easy slip-on. Get a pair with good arch support, and you are hip and trendy to walk the streets of New York or vineyards of Napa Valley. We love Shannon from Upbeat soles in her Olive Espadrilles




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These shoes do not have a lacing or fastening system and are easy slip-ons or slide-in shoes, due to the elastic in the ankle area. They usually come in a round toe, and might have a very small heel. Their main distinguishing features it the complete foot cover they provide. They are casual, comfortable, but they might be hard to pass for professional flats. Take a look at these studded loafers!




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The classic summer stable, these are open-toe shoe with straps attaching the sole to the foot. These are a step up from the flip flops, and are perfect to wear in the warmer months. While flip flops make it very casual and are fine for a quick short walk, sandals add a bit of class and are just as comfortable and convenient. There are several types of sandals:

  • Open thong sandals have a v-strap that passes from between the big-toe & and second toe and connect to both sides of the foot.
  • Gladiator sandals have a covering by the ankle and are designed to resemble the shoes worn by ancient Roman fighters who were called Gladiators.

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  1. These styles of portable flats are super cute. I would love to have one or two of these shoes. The prices are reasonable also.

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