Graduation must have’s (and who is speaking where)

Along with BBQ season, also comes Graduation season. This is the time when colleges and universities nationwide write big checks for big names to come and speak at their commencement. The goal for these educational institutions? Of course inspire the graduating class (in case the classes did not do it), but also get bragging rights. It does not hurt when media picks up some inspiring speeches.

Commencement speakers

Here are some amazing speakers inspiring the class of 2016:

Steven Spielberg at Harvard University : You know this place will always get the biggest of names, and this year its no different. Awe inspiring director and Hollywood’s most influential personality – this speaker is as good as it gets.

Oprah Winfrey at Johnson C. Smith University : This university gets the honor to host the the queen of talk shows! Amazing personality, wonderful grace and life-inspiring story is what the graduates will get to hear.

Hank Azaria at Tufts University : May not be in the household name, but once you know who does all the voices on The Simpsons, you will want to hear him speak!

Arianna Huffington at Colby College : Renowned journalist and co-founder of Huffington Post, Arianna is a dynamic and inspiring speaker with messages very relevant to todays youth.

Matt Damon at MIT : The “Good Will Hunting” actor will return to the “scene location” to deliver his speech, almost 20 years after it was filmed.

Sheryl Sandberg at University of California at Berkeley : One of the most influential women in technology (and the person basically running Facebook) is know to tell it as it is.

Muhammad Yunus at Babson College : The social entrepreneur, economist and noble prize winner pioneered the concept of micro-credit. Doing well by doing good. Something all graduates should hear.

Essential items to take if attending a commencement ceremony:  

Congratulations to you if you or a loved one is graduating this year! If you are heading for a commencement ceremony, make sure you pack these essential items (in addition to a lot patience).

Graduation packing list

Keep in mind that most ceremonies are out in the open, and weather can be unpredictable. So don’t forget your (2) Shades and (6) Umbrella. Depending on your skin type, you also might want to carry (5) Sun lotion. It tough to get up once you get seated, so take some (10) snacks and (11) reading material with you. After the ceremony, refresh yourself with (8) cool wipes and your breath with (9) cool mints. There will a lot of walking involved and (12) foldable ballet flats will rescue you from your heels.

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