History, culture and elegance come alive in Lisbon, Portugal

Continuing with our travel series, we will cover our first international city today – Lisbon, Portugal. A complete contrast to our previous city – Las Vegas! It might seem a bit random choice, but actually, among all the Mediterranean cities, Lisbon has the most woman friendly environment. Even though its one the oldest city in the world, it has a cosmopolitan, versatile, enriching and inimitable setting and should be on the list of every women traveler!

Placed on the verge of the Atlantic, it has dual features – One part is modern that embraces international restaurants, hotels, food outlets, cafes, shops, branded boutiques, cinemas and theaters; whereas the other section of the city evinces the historical civilizations and architectures with its primeval buildings, houses, and streets. Here is our suggestions on the top places to visit and how to get there!

Exploring the city – Situated on Seven hills next to the River Tagus known as Rio Tejo, Lisbon is known as the “San Francisco of Europe”. Like San Francisco, this city is best discovered on foot, as driving and parking are both difficult. So no matter how much you adore high heels, Lisbon is actually not best tourist place for heel lovers. Since most of the streets in Lisbon are cobble stoned, you will end up with a lot of twisted ankles when your heels get caught in the midst of the stones. A cute pair of foldable flats will do the trick, as it did for Neha while exploring Lisbon.

If you feel tired of strolling, then simply hop on the iconic tram that scuttles all over the city. Of all, the route 28 is the most popular and one of the greatest ways of experiencing Lisbon en bloc. The round journey will get you past several tourist attractions, dropping by many of the main parts of Lisbon like Estrela and Chiado, Bairro and Baixa, Graca quarter, Alto, the Sé, and Alfama. Just be careful with your bags and purse from pickpockets, but do take pleasure in the ride.

Castelo de São Jorge and more – Hovering far above the ground, one of the major highlights of Lisbon is the Castelo de São Jorge which was built in the 5th century. Since then, it has gone through several expansion and modernization upgrades. The fantastic Monastery of Jeronimos, the imperial cemetery of royal people in Portugal, was established in the 14th century and later announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Museo Calouste Glubenkian – Lisbon is loaded with museums that range from classic to contemporary. The most remarkable one is the Museo Calouste Glubenkian which has a colossal compound that not only brags for the collected works of the Renaissance, Iznik, Egyptian work of arts and artifacts by the famous maestros, but two performances hallways for dance and music concerts.

Be captivated by the Fado music – Fado, the traditional Portuguese music is greatly adored and worshiped in Lisbon. Almost all bars and restaurants, play this music of missing, longing and hope. To get the authentic feel of this music, you must the streets in the Alfama and Madragoa neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods to visit : If you looking for the lively and buoyant neighborhood, then Bairro Alto is your place. It holds the status for encompassing the best restaurants, shops, and nightclubs in Lisbon. On the other hand, if you are looking to glam it up in a posh and chic neighborhood, then make sure you spend a day checking out the stores in Chiado, the shopping district of Lisbon. For more casual shopping and people watching, check out places like the Iberian Peninsula, Campo de Santa Clara, and Centro Commercial Colombo.

Lisbon is calling! You are going to love the amazing scenic beauty, vibrant culture and varied topography. Lisbon is acknowledged and reputed as to be one of the safest metropolises where tourists feel secured and wrapped in the tenderness of this adoring city. Welcome to this incredible city called; Lisbon!

Happy Traveling!

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