4 tips for styling sequin flats

Take a peek inside a woman’s closet and you’ll see about 20 pairs of shoes staring right back at you. And this just what you see. There is more of this awesomeness stashed in the guestroom closet or under the bed – kept away from prying (and judgmental) – eyes. Chance are at least a few of these pairs are sequin shoes. They stand out, like a millennial at a bingo party. Hey, if Michael Jackson can wear a sequin glove, you can wear sequin shoes! Its all about you style them :

Keep in simple : Don’t over do the shine and sparkle! If you are wearing sequin shoes, don’t pair that with a sequin dress or purse. Avoid any large jewelry or accessory. A small stud earning or small hoops are great strike the balance between your shoes and the rest of you!

Sequin Flats


Use light color separates : A great way to bring out the essence of sequin is to pair with light colored tailored separates – shirts plus smart pants are perfect. Go very easy on the color or print and you create a striking contrast that is chic and trendy.

Style it right : Sequins can play the role of a casual attire, or a hi-society glitter event.  For casual days, you can style your sequin shoes with a pair of everyday jeans, a dark T, or a denim jacket.  For formal days, style them with a fitted blazer and pants or a skirt. The sequins will add just the right amount of touch of elegance.

Sequin Flats

Size does not matter : You heard that right. We are talking about size of the disc here. Its the amount of shine on the disc that matter. The matte sequins tend to be more appropriate for daytime, while the shiner disc make a great statement after dark.

Still looking for more ideas? Take a look at this blog post from Karli, where is shares her tips for styling the sequin flats. She suggests wearing a darker pair of jeans, or a neutral skirt to – as she did with her red sequin foldable flats.

Courtesy @everyday_ellis and @charissaleephoto
Courtesy @everyday_ellis and @charissaleephoto

Sequin flats are one of our best selling styles, especially the silver sequin foldable flats. They are bright and flashy, with each disc individually sewn in the fabric. Just follow the tips above and watch the heads turn – all for the right reasons!

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  1. These tips on how to style with sequin foldup flats are great. Not only can you style for any occasion, but it gives you a good reference on outfits and colors to choose from.

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