Dressing team USA for Rio 2016

Ever wonder where the Olympics athletes get their ceremony & outfits to wear during the games? No, of-course they don’t go shopping to Target or log on Amazon! In this blog post, we lets take a look at the massive Polo operations to get Team USA looking their best on and off the field for Rio 2016!

The city of Houston of where this all comes together. All the 700 or so competing athletes in the Rio 2016 Olympics make the trip down to Houston to get their shoes, uniforms, jackets etc. The event is held at the George R. Brown convention center and during the 12 day event, the center is transformed into a massive Polo showroom – complete with models and mannequins! This is where the athletes get their official pictures taken, along with cultural and security briefings to prepare them for the Olympics in the backdrop of massive Olympics rings in the background!

As energetic music plays in the background, there is a flurry of activity on the floor with athletes getting fitted with athletic gear. The men and women sections are divided, for each to try on their clothing. There is rows and rows of clothing and mountains of shoe boxes waiting to be tried on! As they try on clothes, there are stylist available on site to help with looks and tailors on standby to make sure everything fits  perfectly! A super efficient production lines of fitters, tailors and operations staff ensures that any clothes that need any alternations happens within a couple of hours!

This is also when the athletes get their opening and closing ceremony looks. The Rio 2016 opening ceremony outfits this year famously have the deep navy blazers that feature the US Olympic team logo and a white embroidered Polo matched with white pants and boat shoes. The closing ceremony outfits, though a bit more casual, have a similar aesthetic look as the opening ceremony. The team is ditching the pants for chino shorts, matched with a button-down shirt in red, white or blue with the Polo logo – ofcourse.


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