Fashion at the Rio 2016 opening ceremony

In his famous “Thank You Notes” from Aug 6, 2016 Jimmy Falon thanked the Team USA’s opening ceremony outfits for “showing the world that our athletes are ready & fired up to goto prep school in 1985“.  In case you missed the opening ceremony (and did not get that joke), this picture should help bring context.

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Lets look at how that statement from Jimmy truly captures how Americans feel about these outfits:

  • The outfits were designed by Ralph Lauren, who has been designing the opening ceremony outfits for the U.S. Olympic team since 2008. The purpose of these outfits is to bring out the “American-ness” of the nation, rather than represent the fashion you would see on the streets of that nation everyday. However, tight fitting blazers with a huge polo sign? And white skinny jeans to go with the blazers? Is that really “American”? In case that was not sufficient, the the moment these outfits were announced, social media lit mocking the striped under shirt that looked the Russian flag.
  • While we are loving the red, white and blue on the shoes, the boat shoe just make this “1985 prep school” outfit complete. With their leather construction, designed to repel water during during high seas, they make for fine footwear when walking along a wet deck without slipping. Walking the opening ceremony in Olympics? Not that much. The good old American staple sneakers would have done the job.


Not to be outdone, team Australia has somehow out-nautical-prepped the U.S. and Ralph Lauren’s kit. The athletes are decked out in green-and-white striped seersucker blazers, green contrast taping – white shorts for men, and skirts for women. It is designed by the Australian brand Sportscraft. They smiling faces look more yacht club bound than Olympic-bound!

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So since blazers are so in this year, we are loving the designer outfits from Cuba. This nation sported a chic head-to-toe look with joint collaboration between Christian Louboutin and French E-concept store, Sporty Henri.

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  1. These opening ceremony outfits are kind of hilarious. You’re totally right about the boat shoe being a very odd option and I thought the same thing. I didn’t actually watch the opening ceremony but those Australian outfits are even more preppy! I definitely didn’t think that was possible. I think the fashion at these years’ Olympics was pretty awesome.

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