Foldable flats styled by bloggers

We recently added our most comfortable foldable flats, that feature extra cushioned insole and come studded with metallic studs. These foldable flats have been picking up some rave reviews, on our website, as well on Overstock – out retail partner.

The split sole structure, along with the padded cushioning make these flats perfect for wear all day long. They can be dressed up with a formal skirt, or go casual with everyday jeans. No wonder almost every casino on Las Vegas strip sells these foldable flats to the conference attendees as well as the party goers!

We have had quite a few bloggers review these flats. We wanted to see what tests these flats would undergo with them, and were curious to see how the bloggers styled them. Below you can see some of the unique styling touches from each of the style bloggers:


studded flats, silver flats, fit in clouds, style by alina, fashion blog, style blogStyle by Alina : Alina Dinh wears the silver foldable flats with her burgundy slit maxi skirt and white crop top. Stunning would be understatement to describer her sense of style!

The silver flats are bright, but not as shiny as the sequin flats.







Credit : Alina Dinh from Style by Alina



Neha LisbonLove Playing Dress up : Neha Gandhi decided to take our foldable flats to her shoot in Lisbon, Portugal. Neha said the flats were perfect to switch out of her heels and walk the cobble stone streets as she soaked in the history and architecture of this Mediterranean city.  The gorgeous twirl in gold pleated skirt and gold flats captures her feeling exactly!

By the way, if you travelling to Lisbon, take a look our blog post where we uncover some of the best place to visit by a woman traveler.





Credit : Neha Gandi from Love Playing Dressup




VandiFair : Lauren Vandiver describes her Gold Fit In Clouds foldable as the “Happy Feet” solution. She styled the icy blue pleated skirt with her traditional heels, and was easily able to swap them out for the foldable flats.















Credit : Lauren Vandiver from Vandifair



BlackStuds-foldable-flatsNeoteric Essentials : Meredith reverses the process but using the foldable flat as work flats during the day. The go great with her skirt and can anyone even tell these are foldable flats that came out of the pouch? At the end of the day, to get a bit more formal, she swaps the flats for her heels and throws on faux leather jacket.












Credit : Meredith Rollins from Neoteric Essentials


That is just a few of the bloggers styling the studded foldable flats. If you are a fashion blogger and would like to style our flats, please contact us! And stay tuned. We will be adding a few more new colors in the style shortly!

2 thoughts on “Foldable flats styled by bloggers

  1. I personally love wearing flats in general, but to find flats that are comfortable and stylish such as these foldable flats is a great find.

  2. I love how these bloggers styled these foldable flats, and how well they work for all kinds of outfits, whether it’s work-focused, casual or even a bit fancier. Foldable ballet flats are one of my favorite shoes personally because they’re so lightweight and easy to travel with–and as someone who travels a lot this is a huge benefit for me. These are super cute and it’s great to be able to see someone else style them before I think about buying. But now, I’m convinced they’re awesome!

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