3 types of shoes you will need for your next travel

When going on a trip it can be difficult knowing what to pack and there are many of us who are chronic over packers. It’s so easy to do when you’re about to go on a short or long trip because it’s easy to convince yourself of course you need more jewelry, of course you need that fourth pair of shoes and of course you just have to have a spare of everything just in case.

It’s not an easy task to overcome, but knowing when to limit your shoes is crucial to packing light and saving space for more important things. When traveling, regardless of where you’re going, there are three specific shoes that you will need. Of course if you’re going somewhere for a special occasion then this may differ for you, but for most travels these three shoes are all you need. So take out the extra pair, put them away and zip up the bag, because you are set to go!

 Foldable Flats:

Foldable FlatsWhen traveling it’s also nice to have a nicer pair of shoes that you can be comfy in but still be able to wear out to dinner or to a show or something that’s more than just sightseeing. This is where foldable flats come in super handy. Flats are the perfect shoe for this purpose because they’re incredibly comfortable, but they also look really cute and can be dressed up and dressed down so easily, making them the perfect versatile shoe.




Walking Shoes
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When traveling you’re probably going to do a fair bit of walking to take in all the sights, so having a pair of sturdy walking shoes is a must. There’s nothing worse than touring a city or nature reserve and having your feet ache because you didn’t bring appropriate footwear.

This could be sneakers, Sperrys, loafers, anything that makes your feet happy and comfortable when walking around for long periods of time.



Season Appropriate

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Finally, you should always pack an season appropriate footwear. If it’s the summer, be sure to pack a pair of sandals or flip flops for those really hot days or for lounging by the pool, and alternatively, make sure you pack some boots in the winter should you get cold.

Select a neutral color like grey or black, that will match most of your outfits, and this way, you can get by with just one pair.








These three shoes are all you need for the vast majority of travels and by telling yourself you don’t need more than that you will save space for more important things, and, even more importantly, presents to yourself when you leave. Invest in a great pair of foldable flats, pack some walking shoes and season appropriate footwear and you are set to dress comfy and chic no matter where your travel takes you!

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