7 essential items to pack for every conference!

The big week is arriving and you are getting ready to attend that conference. In addition to packing the basics such as business cards, hand sanitizer, camera etc, make sure you have these items packed in your bag:

Packing comfortable shoes for conference


Aspirin : Lack of water and lack of sleep during the conference days sow the seeds for headaches that come out of no where. Headache is also caused from caffeine withdraws. Make sure you have a pack handy so handle all the up and downs!

Vitamins : Talking about ups, make sure you have some vitamins in either chewable or powder form to keep your energy up. Also helps you stay focused and not constantly thinking about your hotel room bed.

Kleenex : You will be surprised how many places a pack of Kleenex comes into use. Everything from wiping your sweat, to removing makeup to packing up left over cookies can be accomplished like a pro!

Battery charger : Even though you might feel that your cell phone has a good battery life, the truth is that at conferences, due to the heavy load on the cell network, your battery has to use extra power, especially if you connect to the wifi.

Stain remover pens : Hope you don’t have to use it, but when the need arises, you will be so glad you had these! A must if you are taking any light color clothes where even a small splatter will draw attention.

Layers : Do not go by the weather forecast of the city you will be in. Indoor conferences are notorious for a fluctuating temperate and you can go from a freezing empty auditorium to a warm & cozy packed reception. Always make sure you have layers to put on and take off as needed.

Comfortable shoes : This one goes without saying, but if you must take heels, then pack a pair of fold up flats in your purse. They are great when you want to switch out of your heels and walk for long distance.

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