Preparing for InBound16 at Boston

Ladies (and Gents), raise your hands if you are stoked to be in Boston again for InBound 2016! With 10,000 plus attendees from around the world, and jam packed sessions on marketing and sales, this event never fails to live up to its expectation. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of this amazing event!

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Networking before the conference starts : If you arrive at the conference, and are ready to network, you are already late to the game. With social media, the virtual networking starts way before the event actually starts. Look up the hash tag #Inbound and #Inbound16 on twitter to get an idea of the scene and people. Market yourself, and the value you can bring, and why people should talk to you. If you do find yourself without a plan, here are some sneaky ways on how to network at a conference.

Dress for success : That goes without saying, but keep in mind that Convention Center where the magic happens is over 5oo,000 sq. ft. Any on top of that, Hubspot makes good use of the entire space. This means a lot of walking, a lot of direction signs, a lot of turing around because you went the wrong way. You get the point. So while power suit and pencil skirts might be your secret weapon, keep in mind it could all be delivered powerless unless you can cover ground. For women, we recommend packing a pair of black foldable flats in your handbag for the event. They are classy and formal and you will need them, especially if you plan to wear heels.

Use Twitter to take notes : Dont be intimated by the character limit. Instead, it should help you be concise and quick. The biggest benefit is that you will instantly be sharing these with your followers, and if your content is good, with soon to be followers. Include quotes from speakers, and use the right hashtags – you might get a retweet from some of the high profile speakers speakers further boosting your reach.  Use an occasional photograph to remind yourself of the setting, and show the world what its like to be there. We suggest using a tool like Hootsuite where it will be easier to follow and engage in conversations.

Listen more than you talk : “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama. That quote says it all. Realize that there are a lot of opinions and people in the room. Speak only enough to get a conversation going, so that you can learn things you do not yet know. No matter strongly you feel or disagree, stay clear of politics. “Open-ended” questions on weather, local options, professional life, reasons for attending etc a great way to limit the talking and increase the listening. Remember you are there to learn and to network. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above and 4 will take care of itself!

Enjoy the host city : Boston is a great and vibrant cities, with some of the best educational institutions of the world. For a city that some of the oldest landmarks in the country – the oldest restaurant in the country, the oldest public school in the country,  oldest subway system in the country etc, you will find a population this is young, liberal and sometimes a bit brash. Given the time of the year, the weather will be on the colder side, but you knew that about Boston already. Before you arrive, make a prioritized list of things you would like to do in two buckets – as a solo traveler, and in a group if you can convince others.


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