Tips for planning a winter wedding

Weddings are exciting for everyone involved. From the parents of the bride and groom to extended friends and family, the excitement is palpable for all. For the bride and groom, selecting the perfect season to hold the wedding can be stressful.

In recent years, winter weddings have become increasingly popular. In many cases, it can cost significantly less to have a winter wedding (due to simple supply and demand economics). While cost may not be the only reason for having a winter wedding, if you are having a winter wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for the big day.

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  • Invitations – Winter weddings are mostly held indoors, and a such call for a more formal setting – fireplaces and piano settings all add to the winter wedding look. Therefore, for winter wedding invitations, consider using a more thicker card-stock with formal font and darker colors. Snowflakes and adornments images on the card are a great way to bring out the festive season.
  • Music & Setting– If the wedding is close to the holiday season, consider hiring a classical pianist to play holiday music during the dinner time. This will not only create a festive environment, but the sounds of the piano will also create an elegant ambiance. For setting, using dark wood and candle setting to create warmth. Silver & gold table settings might seem a bit gaudy during other seasons, but works just great for winter weddings.
  • Cocktails – Consider warm comforting drinks like apple cider and hot chocolate along with the traditional liquor. To add a touch of elegance, offer up warm sake to your guests! If the place permits, set up a small fireplace for people to gather around. This provides a great alternative to the traditional bar.
  • Attire & shoes – White can still be the color of your dress, but consider one with arms rather than sleeveless. Same for wedding shoes – flip flops are probably out of question (for the bridesmaids) so consider wedding flats that are comfortable, yet add to elegance of a winter wedding.

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