UGC and reviews for foldable flats

As much influence as social media has on customer buyer behavior, there is one overlooked area worth mentioning. User Generate Content (UGC), which can take the form of reviews, video feeds, or even product demos. This is content, provided by the users, that eventually feeds into SEO and helps with site conversion. According to Salesforce, visitors to websites that include UGC galleries spend 90% more time on the site. This content can be provided directly on the business website in the form reviews/photos/tips or on third party websites like Amazon or Overstock.

It took us a while to catch onto this, but eventually we did come to the value in UGC. We have always been proud of our reviews collected on websites selling our foldable flats. These are unfiltered and unedited reviews left by customers on this third party website. We read almost every review, and use the feedback to improve our product and/or service. We also solicited input on social media as much as possible. Here are some recent foldable flats reviews on Overstock. Click on the image to see original posting on Overstock.










Watching feedback like this rolling onto Overstock, we realized that we are actually sitting on a goldmine! We just need to collect feedback from customers on our website and harvest that! So recently, we added a feature to our website that allows users to leave a feedback on our foldable flats. In most cases, after the purchase, we send an email to customer with link where they rate the product and leave a review. Overtime, we have collected several several data points. Not only do these reviews describe the products from an actual users point of view (type of fit, true to size, durability etc), but these comments help us drive additional traffic to our website. Our SEO folks tell us when Google looks at your site, it also reads the comments and then uses this comments to determine how to rank your site. The more relevant information buyers have posted, the more it helps in ranking higher when similar potential buyers are searching for it. Its almost like a loop!

We have seen firsthand how UGC in the form of reviews have helped traffic for our foldable flats! If you are not using it already, give it a try – you might be surprised!

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  1. Thanks for pointing me to these reviews on foldable flats! Always wanted one these shoes!

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