Rain accessories to make travel easier

Sometimes you have just to create your own sun. Ok, so that may not actually be  possible since you have limited powers. But in reality, just like there is beautiful sunshine on some days, there will be rain on some days. A lot of rain some days. So while your powers are limited and you have the latest fashion line for fall, or spring,  or summer season and everything in between, it does not matter because you do not have a line up for the rain season. What’s a girl to do? Your fancy handbag, your flowy dress, you designer shoes, your exceptional makeup and your perfectly blow dried hair all are in jeopardy. No worries, we have a few products to help you get through a rainy day:


Covers for handbags : Think about this – you need to go to out looking your best andtravel handbag cover your handbag has all your accessories (makeup, phone, foldable flats, snacks) packed and ready to go. Only to realize that its raining and your umbrella is barely going to cover you so forget about the handbag! All you could just wish for at that time is for the rain to stop. Well, a better option will be to magically turn that bag into a water resistant bag using one these beautiful hand bag covers from Dear Rain. Think about it as a raincoat for your hand bag! These water resistant covers fit perfectly over your bag, and are transparent so the handbag is still visible. Now you get to arrive in style without a drop of rain on your self or your bag!




Covers For ShoesSo you got you and and your handbag all covered. Literally. Next come the shoes. Having to change shoes for the outfit is pretty much like putting together a new outfit again. Doable, but then what about the time when you are out and about, and down comes the rain. This is when water resistant shoe covers from Pit Patters comes into play.  These shoe covers come in different shapes and sizes and easily fold and fit in your bag for those unpredictable days. It will keep your pals wondering how you manage to navigate splash of the puddle from the rain unstained.






What are some of your favorite rain accessories? Let us know below!


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