Its wedding season – and a bridal store chain is closing(maybe)!

Its July and we are in the midst of another busy wedding season! From country clubs to courthouses to wineries to public garden – its all an all too familiar site now to see lovely couples and their bridal parties being photographed.

So image if you are a bride getting the millions of things lined up for your wedding and find out that the bridal store for your dress might be is closing! Reports surfaced Friday that Alfred Angelo has filed for bankruptcy. The company is based in Florida, and has about 60 stores nationwide. Several of them had already shut down, and the future of others was unknown.  There were various reports from store locations across the country where brides had lined up outside of the stores upon hearing this news.

Needless to say, there was a frantic situation:

The first thing brides affected by this should do is contact the store and see if they can get a refund or the dress as promised. If not, then call up your credit card company and see if they can void the charges, because as per the contract, the receiving party did not meet their end of the obligation. With every thing else that goes into planning a wedding, the last thing you want to do is deal with this issue, but hey…s*** happens.

And ofcourse, one man’s misery is another man’s gain. So hearing about this unfortunate event, David’s Bridal steps up its game and has started offering discounts and special assistance to brides. We are pretty sure bridal shops across the country are getting frantic calls from brides and bridesmaids who are caught in this situation looking for a way out. Infact, newly minted brides on Twitter have been offering their wedding dress to other gals in need.

Faith in humanity – restored.

Once the bridal dress is taken care off, you can move to the second most important thing – the bridal shoes. And oh yeah, don’t forget the foldable flats for your bridesmaids!


2 thoughts on “Its wedding season – and a bridal store chain is closing(maybe)!

  1. That’s truly a shame that the bridal store close down and left so many brides scrambling. Good luck to everyone affected by this. Hopefully the other wedding accessories for the brides and bridesmaids work out easier.

  2. That is crazy! I dont know what I would do if I heard my bridal store is closing just before my wedding!

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