Tips on shopping for your wedding dress

After saying yes, one of the biggest decision for any bride is selecting her wedding dress. We have compiled some helpful tips to keep in mind as you begin this process:

Don’t select based on pictures you see on pintrest – The way the dress fits a model standing on a stool under perfect lighting and background is not how the dress will look on you. Really. Oh, and the image is photo-shopped. You might just love the image, but not the dress when you try it on under more realistic conditions.

Do look at the styles of dress online – Based on the location, type, weather etc, look at pinterest and other sites on type of dress. Remember, this is just to get an idea of what you your dress to look like. Print them out and make your own marking as needed on the dress.

Try on dresses at Bridal stores – The key here is within your budget. Show them the styles you are interested in printouts or digitally and try on the dresses to see what fits your body style and type of event the best. Try all stores you can possibly visit. It is almost impossible for one store to have every single dress style so keep visiting in person until you find the style you are looking for in your price range.

Try dresses only within your budget – Even if you are getting forced into it with peer pressure. Not for fun, not for fitting (especially if being asked by the salesperson), not for your Instagram stream.  If you are not willing to pay for it, don’t try it. Its like if you are having your reception at the Marriott, you don’t want to go see the reception hall of Four Seasons.

Take pictures in your dress – As you are deciding between styles, take pictures of your dress as are wearing them. Some dresses look great on the hangar and look great in the mirror. However, they may not photograph well. This is especially true of dresses with a lot of intricate work that the close up lighted mirror accentuates, but the photo does not capture.

Shop solo or max of +1 – If you go with a big group of friends or your bridesmaid, you will never come to a decision. Each will offer their opinion and pro’s and con’s of the dress. The dress is what you want to wear, not what your friends want you to wear. On the same lines, don’t ask for too much opinion from the salesperson. With the best of intentions, they will steer to towards the dress they want to sell, not what you want to buy.

Sleep on it – If you do find what are you looking for, don’t rush into it. Go home, think about it, and unless you are 100% sure that is what you want, don’t go for it. Don’t make the mistake of filling in the shortcomings and  talk yourself into accepting things you don’t like about the dress. Don’t fall for ‘today only deals’ or ‘right now offers’. You know those are not real.

Read the fine print – Dont rush to signing any paperwork until all your questions have been answered. READ THE FINE PRINT. Make sure all and every measurement required is taken. Make sure you understand costs associated with changes, shipping, alterations, cancellations etc. What happens if the shop closes down? A bridal store chain did close recently and it was mayhem for brides. There is a deposit required when you sign, and once the bridal store has your money, the balance of power shifts.

Ofcourse, the basics always apply – don’t shop and buy online without trying it on (unless it can be mailed back at seller’s expense), make sure the vendor is licensed vendor of that product etc. But you already knew that!

Now that your wedding dress is taken care of you, you can move onto the wedding shoes and bridesmaids dresses!

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