What’s Your Bride Personality?

Ask any married woman about the most emotional and important day of her life and she will surely mention her wedding. Being a fiancee and then a bride is a very special period of life for any young woman, and there are plenty of reasons for that. First and foremost, wedding is a celebration of love and life-long commitment. And it means that the day needs to be cozy yet fancy, private yet shared with family and friends. Second of all, wedding is still an event (or a party) that needs to be organized in the best way possible. Third of all, it is the day when all the eyes are on the newly-weds, which is why things like dress, hairstyle, and makeup must be just perfect.

Given this, there is no wonder why wedding preparation puts such a lot of pressure on tender female shoulders. And it should not come as a surprise that different women cope with all this wedding-related stress in different ways.

In fact, there are even well-established types of bride personality. It is hard to say what in particular is responsible for such a distribution. Some experts claim it all traces back to childhood, others believe that bride types have something to do with moon phase personality types, and so forth. But whatever the cause of distinction is, now is time to take a look at bride types and figure out what makes each of them unique.

 Conservative Bride
Brides of this type prefer all things classic and traditional. The dress should be long and fancy and white, the groom should wear a black  suit, there should be lots of flowers all around, and every single wedding tradition needs to be incorporated into the wedding schedule. Conservative brides would rather keep thing boring than take a risk and leave some room for experiments.

This kind of bride is one of the craziest among all. Generally speaking, Bridezilla is so obsessed with her wedding to be perfectly perfect that she gets on the nerves of everyone around her, especially on her bridesmaids. This kind of bride is likely to overreact when even some minor issues occur (read: some tiny little detail goes not as planned). Overall, however, this bride is a good person and she just wants her wedding to be perfect.

The Anti-Wedding Bride
This kind of bride is probably the most interesting among all. Anti-wedding bride rejects the idea of the wedding but wants to get married anyway. She hates all things that are wedding-like, including white dress, flower decorations, wedding vows, and so forth. She wants her wedding to be like a party for her friends and family.


Princess Bride
If you’ve seen ‘Bride Wars’ movie, then you should know what Princess Bride is like. Princess Bride is the one who’s been planning her wedding since her 5th birthday ( if not earlier). Princess Bride wants to be the center of attention, she wants to feel like the world is spinning around her, and she truly believes that marriages are made in heaven. This kind of bride is likely to have a sparkling white dress with and a diadem on her head. And, chances are good, her wedding flowers of choice will be roses.


Last-Minute Bride
This bride personality tends to naively believe that everything will work out on its own. That is why she tends to procrastinate for as long as possible and then go crazy about trying to find a dress, hire musicians, and book flower decor company one week before the big day. People around tend to worry about her wedding more than she does herself. What’s interesting about Last-Minute Bride is that she usually succeeds, and more often than not her wedding day ends up seamless and perfect.


Did you recognize yourself in at least one of these bride personality types? Which one sounds pretty much like you? Whatever the answer is, remember that being a bride is one-of-a-kind experience and you are free to enjoy it in your own way. Even if it sometimes means getting a little obsessed when choosing the color of napkins or, let’s say, rejecting all wedding standards and do it your own way.


About the contributor : As a health enthusiast and freelance writer living in Los Alamitos, California, Shannon Lochwood enjoys writing about personal fitness, beauty and lifestyle topics. She has a true passion for writing and loves to encourage others to improve their health and lifestyle with fun being the #1 priority!

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