Incorporating Pets Into Your Wedding With Awesome Photo Ops

When it comes to the cuteness factor, kids, cats and dogs rule the internet in videos, memes and other online visual mediums. In a recent post, we looked at tips for children at weddings, so here we thought we’d take a gander at including animals (pardon the pun) in our nuptials.

As weddings become less traditional, more creative and fun-loving, this has given birth to the inclusion of our favorite, four-legged family members as a part of this blessed and beloved union. Here’s a look at how we can incorporate pets into our wedding day and the subsequent memories we’ll take along with us forever with our wedding pictures.

Start At The Beginning

With all of the planning that goes into the “big day,” we often begin with the invitations or save-the-date cards being sent out in a timely fashion beforehand. If you’re looking for ideas , just Google “wedding invitations (or save the date cards) with pets” and you’ll see a plethora of possibilities. Then check out your own files for favorite photos you could include in these announcements, invitations, etc.


Start Training

If your plans include your best friend being your best man or your cuddly critter being in the wedding party, you’ll have to start with some training. Even the shyest of critters or a frightful Fido can often overcome fears given some love, attention and some simple training. You can’t just thrust them into a crowd full of strangers, albeit there will be some friends and family involved, without them becoming nervous or upset about this unfamiliar situation.

Start off small, invite more people into your home and let them interact with your pet, especially those in the wedding party. Get them familiar by “walking them down the aisle,” even if it’s just a hallway in your house. Offer them a treat once they complete the feat so they’ll be comfortable in this type of environment. Don’t forget plenty of love and encouragement along the way. When the big day arrives, this will seem like more of an everyday occurrence rather than an unlikely event that came out of nowhere.


Hiring The Right Photographer

Let’s face facts, there are so many pictures taken at weddings that are completely staged for keepsakes and inclusion into the classic wedding photo album. Getting grandma into that group shot with the rest of the family, the entire wedding party all together again, etc. But really, truly professional photographers land some really classic pictures that are completely candid.

When pets are involved, there could be a picture perfect moment of your beloved dog bonding with the bride and groom after the hustle and bustle of the ceremony is over. Following the dinner and during the reception, perhaps Fido glides out onto the floor during the “Father / Daugher Dance.” Maybe a fluffy kitty is relaxing in the arms of a cute, young flower girl on the sidelines.

As pet lovers, these are those moments (part of some lyrics to a great wedding song) you really want to be captured on film. Be sure to communicate this fact with your photographer so they know exactly what’s important in your remembrance of this important event.


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