The Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing During the Holidays

So, you’ve decided on spending the rest of your life with the special someone in your life—congratulations! This is such exciting news! And with the holidays right around the corner, this joyous season can serve as the perfect backdrop for you to pop the big question to your beloved. However, before deciding on making your big announcement there are a few things you should keep in mind when proposing during the holidays. Here are some of our best do’s and don’ts when it comes to proposing to your significant other during this special time of year.

DO Choose the Best Ring

During the holidays there may be sales and specials all around, including deals on engagement rings. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing a last-minute engagement ring, and giving into the temptation of snagging a holiday sale, do a little research prior to your purchase on the types of rings that are available. Also keep your special someone in mind when choosing the ring by making your selection based on the best fit to suit their personal tastes, preferences and style. When you choose a ring that you know they will cherish you will make the proposal even more meaningful for the both of you.

DO Secure the Engagement Ring.

The holidays are an especially busy time of the year and there can be a lot of movement going on in a household. From visitors coming in from out of town, to wrapping presents, to organizing wish lists, to preparing large meals—there can be such a frenzy at home that a small engagement ring can easily be misplaced. Therefore, properly secure the ring so that you know where it is at all times and where you have easy access to it. For instance, never place it underneath the tree (unless it is disguised as something else), such a tiny box could easily get lost or damaged!

DO Let Others in on the Announcement

If a proposal will be made at a family gathering, let others in on the big announcement. Family and friends will be pleased to witness such an important milestone in your relationship. Also, do not shy away from asking for help. Others who are close to the couple can also be tasked with getting your fiancé to the location where you will propose; they can take pictures or video footage of the event; and they can even help you plan other details such as decorations that may be pleasing to your future spouse.


DON’T Wait Until the Last Minute to Plan

A marriage proposal is a big deal. This is why you should start planning early on so that you are prepared to ask your loved one for their hand in marriage. For instance, start planning the logistics of the proposal a few months prior. Consider where the proposal will take place, how you will ask the question, what you will wear, what may fit your bride-to-be’s personality, and the special words that you will say. Also consider if this will be a private proposal or one where family and friends have been invited. All of these fine details will make for an even more meaningful experience.

DON’T Let the Engagement Ring be the Only Gift.

Keep in mind that if your significant other typically celebrates the holidays they may not be too pleased if the engagement ring is the only gift they receive. While an engagement ring is of great significance, it should not be the only token of appreciation that you give. If you promised other gifts that your special person was counting on during the holiday, back up those promises as well and let the engagement ring be the icing on the cake!

DON’T Make the Holiday All About the Engagement.

Lastly, keep in line with the spirit of the season by enjoying the holiday season and embrace its meaning. The holidays are often associated with opening gifts, meals shared with family, and decorations like holiday florals, lights and Christmas trees. The holidays are a time of year that have their own significance and meaning. While an engagement announcement is a very special occasion it has romantic significance and meaning shared between you and your fiancé. Therefore, even though you are getting engaged during the holidays, the holidays carry their own weight and should not be overshadowed by the engagement.

A holiday proposal can be an exciting way to express to the one you love just how important they are in your life. If you are thinking about proposing to your significant other during this holiday season, consider these helpful do’s and don’ts to create cherished memories that you both can share for an entire lifetime.


About the contributor : As a health enthusiast and freelance writer living in Los Alamitos, California, Shannon Lochwood enjoys writing about personal fitness, beauty and lifestyle topics. She has a true passion for writing and loves to encourage others to improve their health and lifestyle with fun being the #1 priority!

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